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Did you know Harris Technology provides software licensing solutions that can save your business time and money? Software Licensing provides businesses with a cost effective way to acquire and maintain multiple copies of software.

At Harris Technology we employ a team of Software Licensing experts that are ready to provide you with a free Software Licensing consultation. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can work with you to find the very best Software solution for your requirements under the most favourable licensing agreements, including software upgrades, new software installations or software renewals.

We can even help you make a smooth transition if you purchased or licensed your current software from another vendor. Call 1300 13 9999 now to speak to our Software Licensing experts! Alternatively email: softwarelicensing@ht.com.au

How do you buy software licenses? It can be as easy as:

Software licenses

What are the benefits of Software Licensing?


There is a multitude of volume licensing schemes, ranging from pure “volume based” to “subscription based”, this is where Harris Technology’s widely recognised licensing experts lead the way. We can cut through the clutter to present you with the best options to make your software purchases work for you. Support and maintenance is always available to ensure your business has the latest Software Licensing Solutions.

Save Time SAVE TIME & AVOID EXPOSURE Avoid Exposure

Instead of having to make multiple software purchases - including boxes, discs and keys to worry about - you can consolidate all your purchases into one licensing agreement. Adding licenses is a simple task; simply purchase extra licenses and make the installations with the media/image you already have. With Harris Technology’s assistance we can ensure that you are legally compliant with the software you use. We can also help to track your purchases, allowing you an easy way to audit your business, ultimately reducing risk. .

Software Volume License VOLUME LICENSING

Software Licensing is usually for organisations needing more than 5 licenses. A software license acquired through volume licensing is a way to purchase multiple licenses under a single agreement. Volume software licensing is best suited to businesses that plan to grow their business over time as licenses can be transferred from one computer to another and the agreements can grow to adapt to your business.


Box product means 1 box is equivalent to 1 license and is usually purchased "off the shelf". Mostly suited for home use or small business with less than 5 licenses required.


OEM is a license that is tied to a piece of hardware so that when that hardware dies or is replaced the license is no longer valid. This is usually preinstalled.

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