Extended Warranty

Learn how to top up your warranty with Harris Technology for ultimate peace of mind. If you can't find the information you need, please use the Make an Enquiry page or phone 1300 13 9999 and get help from a Customer Service representative.

What is Extended Warranty?

Extended Warranty is a service offered by Harris Technology at the time of purchasing that extends the Warranty period on selected hardware products up to a total of 3 years.

Extended Warranty provides for the repair or replacement of products if the product fails after the Manufacturer’s Warranty has expired.

The Extended Warranty Plan provides you with additional protection once your Manufacturer’s Warranty has expired. If the Manufacturer's Warranty is valid for 3 years or more you should not purchase the Extended Warranty Plan.

You may return the Extended Warranty Plan within 15 days of purchase.

Why should I purchase an Extended Warranty?

Seven benefits of extending your warranty:

  • You have peace of mind knowing that your product is covered once the Manufacturer’s Warranty period has expired.
  • The plan is optional and is available on most products.
  • The plan provides complete parts and labour coverage with no hidden costs up to a total of 3 years.
  • You can transfer the Extended Warranty Plan if the product is resold to another party.
  • You can choose between a Return-to-Base or On-Site warranty plan.
  • You may extend the warranty even on financed products.
  • The term of the warranty can be made to match your 3 year finance rental plan.

What is covered under Extended Warranty?

The Plan does not cover the cost of transport of the product unless you have purchased an On-Site warranty plan.

If your product cannot be economically repaired, it will be replaced for you.

The Extended Warranty operates on the same terms & conditions as the Manufacturer's Warranty for the period of the extension.

See the Terms & Conditions or the Extended Warranty Envelope supplied at the time of purchase for a list of what is not covered by Extended Warranty Plans.

How do I purchase an Extended Warranty?

The Extended Warranty Plan is available at the time of purchasing your products online, by phone or our Business Centre.

Ask a Harris Technology team member about Extended Warranty in our Business Centre, or by phoning 1300 13 9999.

An Extended Warranty can also be added to your order when purchasing online.

How do I make an Extended Warranty claim?

If you are claiming before the Manufacturer’s Warranty has expired, please contact the manufacturer for processing information. Contact information for manufacturer's can be found in the Warranty & Support section.

If you are claiming during the Extended Warranty Period please phone 1800 003 466, 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday (AEST), and you will be guided through the claim process.

To make a claim you will need your Harris Technology Invoice Number as your proof of purchase. It is a good idea to keep your invoice in your Extended Warranty Envelope which also lists the Terms and Conditions of the Warranty Plan.

Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions

View the Extended Warranty brochure (PDF format), including the full Terms & Conditions.