About Services

Learn more about in-store and on-site installation, maintenance or support services from Harris Technology. If you can't find the information you need, please use the Make an Enquiry page or phone 1300 13 9999 and get help from a Customer Service representative.

What are installation services?

Our installation services involve a computer consultant coming to your home or office to install and configure desktops or notebooks, external peripherals such as printers and scanners, network devices such as modems/routers, or server configurations for up to 10 users at the office.

Consultants may also provide demonstrations of your new configuration in addition to providing training and covering the various ‘troubleshooting’ options available.

What are in-store services?

Our in-store installation and configuration services are designed to offer a one-stop solution and have your new hardware or software set-up before you even leave our Business Centre. Just bring your notebook in to us and we can save you time and headaches!

What are on-site services?

Small & Medium Businesses

Ideal for Small & Medium Businesses which don’t have the luxury of their own IT department, Harris Technology’s services for Small & Medium Businesses offer technical solutions for complex IT needs. Services include installation and configuration of hardware on a network, server installation, health check assessment and the comprehensive 'Planned System Support'.

Harris Technology services for Small & Medium Businesses are the smart way to keep your business operational at all times, ensuring ongoing maintenance and minimising fixed costs.

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Home Users & Home Offices

Our on-site services for Home Users & Home Offices are designed to meet the needs of private PC users who wish to upgrade their IT equipment but prefer not to deal with the installation and set up work, or who need assistance in learning how to use a new device.

Services for Home Users & Home Offices are available for standalone notebook or desktop computers and include the installation of printers, software applications and routers.

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How to book your services

In-store Service

Visit one of our Business Centres with your IT equipment for your in-store service.

On-site Service
  1. Choose which service is right for you or ask our sales consultants for advice
  2. Visit our Business Centre or call us on 1300 13 9999 to buy your 'service certificate'. Please provide a valid email address or a fax number for us to send it to.
  3. Follow the instructions on the service certificate to make a booking and arrange a time and place for your on-site service.

Ask a Harris Technology sales consultant about on-site installation services from our four Business Centre, or by phoning 1300 13 9999.