mbeat USB 2.0 Multiple Card Reader with Tuck-Away Design

mbeat USB 2.0 Multiple Card Reader with Tuck-Away Design

mbeat USB 2.0 Multiple Card Reader with Tuck-Away Design

mbeat® High Speed USB 2.0 All in One Card Reader- the best card reader in the market, features 180 degree swivel USB connection, and super high speed data read and write. Support all types of high capacity cards, with no need of an extra adapter.

With this mbeat High-speed Card Reader, you can transfer files from and to your computer in a matter of minutes. Taking advantage of USB 2.0 and a high-speed chipset, you can read all the latest SDHC, SD, CF, MS, XD, MicroSD, MicroSD HC and Sony M2 with no troubles whatsoever!

Pocket size and in sleek black finish, you can carry this around wherever you go. The handy USB clips neatly inside it's own case. Small in size and weight and best of all, tiny in price!

•Pocket size with handy USB Swivel design.
•Built in High-speed translator chipset - compatible with high-speed type memory card and accelerate data transfer rate.
•Speeds: 150x card up to 19MB/S. 300X card up to 35MB/S.
•Read latest SD HC (high capacity cards) and supports large capacity cards up to 32 GB.
•Support all types of memory card SD/SDHC/CF/MS/XD in latest the firmware
•Support MicroSD /MicroSD HC / SONY M2 without adaptor.

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Tech Code:AW293
Manufacturer Number:MB-USB-MCR01

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