LEDware 'Swan' Desk Lamp Dimmable w Colour Temp Adjust White

LEDware 'Swan' Desk Lamp Dimmable w Colour Temp Adjust White

LEDware 'Swan' Desk Lamp Dimmable w Colour Temp Adjust White

LEDware's LED Swan design Reading Desk Lamp offers the energy efficiency of LED technology with the stylish swan design of a desk lamp. The desk lamp's LEDs consume only 5W of power whilst offering up to 1200 Lux at optimal luminance range. This desk lamp also offers situational colour temperature influence to help with your concentration and mental fatigue.

It has the ability to control and suit your different situational and environmental needs and maximise the work efficiency with the 3 different light memory support functions or modes for studying, reading and relaxation.

♦   The Colour Temperature can be adjusted, from warm white
     to cool white to suit the task at hand

♦   There are three modes to choose from: studying mode, reading mode,
     and relaxation mode

♦   The Brightness can also be adjusted from 100% down to 10% to give
     you the perfect working environment

♦   The lamp features the convenience of a USB Charging Port (5V 1A)

♦   This lamp offers up to 1200 lux at 40cm range - perfect for those highly
     detailed tasks when you need it

♦   The modern and sleek design will suit most home and office types

♦   Model Number: LED-DESKLAMP-9012AS
♦   Desk Lamp Type: Pedestal
♦   Material: ABS Plastic
♦   Luminance: 1200 lux at 40cm
♦   Colour Temperature (CCT): Adjustable, Warm to Cool
     White (2700K to 6500K)
♦   Dimmable: Yes
♦   Input voltage: DC 5V 2A
♦   LED Bulb Lifespan (Hours) Up to: 50,000 Hours
♦   Energy Efficiency (consumption): Yes (9W)
♦   Weight: 1.47 kgs +/- 195g/unit
♦   USB Output: 1 USB port, 5V 1A

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Tech Code:AX733
Manufacturer Number:LED-DESKLAMP-9012AS

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