Personal Architect Australian / New Zealand Edition

Personal Architect Australian / New Zealand Edition

Personal Architect Australian / New Zealand Edition

Design or remodel your dream home and landscape!

Personal Architect is an easy to use, powerful design and visualisation software that allows you to design or remodel your dream home and landscape projects. Experiment with everything from new floor plan design through to interior design and decorating.

Everything you need to for that interior or exterior project.

Home design and remodeling made easy
Personal Architect has everything you need to create your dream space quickly and easily. Simply ‘point and click’ to draw walls and insert building elements. You’ll have a complete house in only minutes! Or have the House Builder Wizard build a house for you instantly based on your specifications. It doesn’t get any easier!

Personal Architect includes cabinets, plumbing, lighting, furniture, landscaping, and more. Switch to a 3D view at any time to see what you are creating and get a true feel for the space. Customise and personalise, apply paint, fabric and finishes to elements with the click of a button.

Home Building
Room makeovers
3D Visualistaion
Renderings and Animations
Create Floor Plans in Minutes with Personal Architect

Create floorplans in minutes
Create accurate, professional-looking floorplans quickly and easily. Just ‘point and click’ to draw walls and add elements to your design, or have one of the building wizards do all the work for you!


Bring Your Ideas to Life in Stunning 3D
Instantly switch from 2D plan view to 3D and get a true feel for the space you are creating and play around with different design ideas. Use a variety of 3D navigation tools to move through your 3D scene and view it from different vantage points. Generate vivid, photo-like renderings using Personal Architect’s advanced 3D RealView™ technology. For the ultimate in virtual reality, record and play customised walkthroughs complete with sounds, music or voiceovers.

3D QuickView
3D Camera View
Dynamic cutaway
3D Navigations
3D RealView Rendering
Movie Maker
3D Stereo View

Kitchen, Bathroom and Interior Design
Time to update your kitchen or bathroom with new colors or finishes? The Kitchen Builder Wizard create a complete kitchen layout for you in seconds, or place individual cabinets, sinks, appliances, electronics, furniture, lighting and ccessories in your plan. Switch to 3D instantly to play around with different finishes and watch your dream come to life!

Kitchen Builder Wizard
Sinks and faucets
Tubs & Showers
Flooring & lighting
Custom finishes
3D Visualisation
Decks, landscapes and gardens
Create the outdoor space you've always wanted.

Create the perfect outdoors
It is so easy to add beauty and function to the exterior of your home. Import a photo of your house if you like and just ‘point and click’ to insert decks, patios, indoor and outdoor pools, gazebos, pathways, lighting, and more. Create garden areas in any size and shape and have fun filling them with a variety of different plants, trees and shrubs. Design in 2D or 3D and easily turn a plain yard into a ersonal oasis where you can eat, play and relax!

Decks and patios
Fences and gates
Sheds and gazebos
Pools, spas and play areas
Furniture and accessories
Lighting and irrigation
Gardens and ponds
3D Visualisation

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