Cashflow Manager PC Gold - 12 Month Subscription
Cashflow Manager

Cashflow Manager PC Gold - 12 Month Subscription

Cashflow Manager PC Gold - 12 Month Subscription

Cashflow Manager Gold is the complete small business bookkeeping solution for non-accountants. Incorporating Cashflow Manager, Wages Manager and more, it also creates invoices, manages money owed for both sales and purchases, tracks inventory items bought and sold and manages employee pays, entitlements and superannuation.
The simple small business accounting system | Cashflow Manager GOLD

Following Cashflow Manager’s strict ‘simplest on the planet’ goal, Cashflow Manager GOLD helps you to keep excellent records without having to know anything about accounting.

Records your receipts and payments using the simple Cashflow Manager column system, reconciles them to your bank accounts, and then prints the reports - including the GST report for your BAS

Creates invoices and manages money owed to you for sales and by you for purchases on credit (debtors and creditors) plus manages your inventory

The Wages Manager section makes paying employees and meeting all your employer superannuation requirements amazingly simple. End of year reports for your employees and the Tax Office take just a few seconds.

Keeps excellent records without you needing to knowing anything about accounting

Cashflow Manager Gold CD-Rom Specs.

Cashflow Manager is designed for PC computers running Windows 2000 (with service pack 4), XP, Vista and Windows 7. The minimum amount of RAM is 512 MB. The program will work on computers that have these specifications although older computers and computers with minimal RAM will be slower. You will need at least 200Mb of hard disk space on your computer for your Program, Tutorial and Data files.

Macs: Cashflow Manager is designed for PCs running Windows. However, we understand that many people are successfully running the program on a Mac but this does require Windows software to be installed.

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