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AU$ 51.50

AU$ 96.50

AU$ 182.00

per month, billed annually per month, billed annually per month, billed annually

Licensed Users


up to 50

up to 200

Concurrent Users



Add up to 1 more channel (Call for price)


Add up to 9 more channels (Call for price)

Unlimited Endpoints

Advanced device management

up to 200

up to 400

up to 1000

Connect to mobile and smart devices

Priority support from our technical support staff (12 months)

Instant remote support and unattended access

Meeting and presentation

* With a Business license, you can use your account on up to 3 devices (e.g. computers, servers, or mobile devices).

Stated prices for business use only, include Australian GST.

The entire feature set specified here pertains to the Windows version. For the exact functionality of the other versions, refer to the respective test version for Mac / Linux / iOS / Android / Universal Windows Platform / BlackBerry.