Cloud Services

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At Harris Technology we want to be able to offer you a complete services offering, whether you need a PC for home, a server for the office or a fully hosted Cloud solution for the speed, security and peace of mind that it offers. Below you will see our growing range of Cloud Services - click for more details or contact us for a fully detailed breakdown via our partner Hosted Network.

What are Cloud Servers?

Our Cloud Servers form part of our Virtual Data Centre (VDC) offering. With a VDC, you can leverage our hardware/software resources rather than having to sacrifice your business' capital to break into the cloud

Cloud Servers give your business the ability to move part or all of your critical business applications to a fast and secure cloud platform.

What are Cloud Desktops?

Cloud Desktops are virtual machine desktops (VDI) that offer the computing power of a physical desktop without the hassle associated with its maintenance and costs

In short, Cloud Desktops are a simple, secure and centralised version of what you get on a typical desktop/laptop that you can access via the Internet

About VoIP Bundles

Never worry about how much your phone bill will cost again All of our bundles include unlimited calls to local, national and mobile!

All features, even some that would be considered advanced are included in even our lowest bundle. Voicemail to email, Conferencing, Line Hunt & Auto Attendant to name a few.