Cloud Desktops

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What are Cloud Desktops?

Cloud Desktops are virtual machine desktops (VDI) that offer the computing power of a physical desktop without the hassle associated with its maintenance and costs

In short, Cloud Desktops are a simple, secure and centralised version of what you get on a typical desktop/laptop that you can access via the Internet

Work Anywhere

Customise & Grow

High Performance

Access your Cloud Desktop from any device, at anytime, anywhere Remain productive no matter where you are with the ability to access your files and applications.

Our Cloud Desktops have no restrictions, meaning we can customise your desktops for your business Need to scale up or down? Cloud Desktops allow you to move in either direction with a click of a button.

Our Cloud Desktops are built on the latest hardware so you can be sure you'll always get fantastic performance.