Apotop DW-21 Wi-Copy Wireless Smart Device w/ 5200mAh Powerb

Apotop DW-21 Wi-Copy Wireless Smart Device w/ 5200mAh Powerb

Apotop DW-21 Wi-Copy Wireless Smart Device w/ 5200mAh Powerb
Two-way copy - No computer required. Convenient data transfer between SD cards and USB flash drives, anywhere.

Are you still using a computer to copy data on your SD cards and USB flash drives
Wi-copy allows you to use your phone to transfer files between storage devices.

Photos taken using digital cameras or important work data can be stored and backed up instantaneously. You will never have to carry your laptop along or worry that your large files cannot be transmitted.

High speed transfer - Enjoy videos without going online with a real-time mega bandwidth entertainment center.

Wirelessly connect your smart phone and tablet to an SD card or USB flash drives via a dedicated APP and backup photos on mobile devices to the storage media to free up precious storage space. Use your smart phone or tablet to wirelessly access and store music, videos, pictures and documents on the SD cards or USB flash drives without taking up storage space on mobile devices.

High transmission bandwidth allows simultaneous browsing by multiple users. Enjoy music on the move with your friends or conveniently share documents in business meeting.

Power Bank - Charge your mobile device anytime.

Wi-copy is equipped a 5200mAh battery which can be used to power it for up to 14 hours. Moreover, Wi-Backup Supports fast charging with current outputs.

Wireless Router - Conveniently switch to wireless connection.

Your worries about having no wireless hotspot in hotels during trips are over. Our lightweight and portable Wi-Copy conveniently converts an internet cable to a hotspot and allows connections to your laptop, tablet and smart phone.

•Share a single Internet connection with multiple devices simultaneously
•Transfer files between an iOS or Android device and a USB/SD without an Internet connection (using the free App)
•Stream up to five HD movies simultaneously to multiple iOS devices (using the free App)
•Built-in rechargeable 5200mAh battery for up to 14 hours of continuous usage
•Ultra Compact Design

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Tech Code:AW274
Manufacturer Number:APT-DW21

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