Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ10 Hybrid Instant Camera

Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ10 Hybrid Instant Camera

  • Prints on new larger square Instax film (2.4 x 2.4)
  • Hybrid design lets you preview and edit your image before you print
  • View your photos and change settings on the large 3 LCD screen
  • Select your photo and apply any of the 10 fun creative Filters
  • Save your images to the internal memory or micro SD card then share online
Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ10 Hybrid Instant Camera

Blending contemporary digital imaging with cherished instant film output, the instax SQUARE SQ10 Hybrid Instant Camera from Fujifilm is a unique digital camera that is capable of outputting square format film prints. In terms of imaging, the SQ10 utilizes a 1/4 inch CMOS sensor to produce 1920 x 1920 images, which are then digitally printed as 2.4 x 2.4 inch images on instax SQUARE film.

Key Features

By recording digitally, you are able to print whichever images you want, whenever you want, and as many times as you want. Besides the unique hybrid capture-to-print technology, this camera is also characterized by its streamlined and stylish physical design with dual shutter buttons, a central 28.5mm f/2.4 equivalent lens, built-in flash, and a rear 3.0 inch 460k-dot LCD for image composition and printing setup.

1:1 Aspect Ratio

The square format is well-known as an effective format in artistic photography. While it has become popular in recent years, square photography has been around for longer than you think - it's been a beloved and widely used format among photo lovers for around 90 years. The instax SQUARE has a screen size of 62mmx62mm, providing perfect 1:1 dimensions. Whether your favorite subjects are portraits or landscapes, this format provides dramatic framing for your photos.

Just like the original

Instax film is a culmination of photo film production technology and photography know-how that we have amassed through ongoing research since Fujifilm was first established. In addition to outstanding color reproduction and stability, unique antioxidant technology has been used to keep instax photos in better condition for a longer period of time. With instax film, the beautiful colors you see when you first take the photo will look just the same after many years.

Filter options

The SQ10 has 10 different filters such as saturation and tone. Switch between styles easily to get the picture you want.


Vignette, the peripheral light can be adjusted between 19 levels. This allows you to place your line of view in the center of the photo, making it ideal for portraits and still lifes.


Brightness adjustment with 19 levels. Allowing you to easily adjust brightness levels of your images and prints.

Sleek design

The SQ10 has an iconic design and thin, round, symmetrical shape for easy holding. The lens ring is made with shaved metal and the feel of some of the resin parts has been changed to add a sense of depth and variety throughout the solid black body.

New user interface design

Easy operation is one of the instax's greatest merits, and our new user interface is no exception. Intuitive operations make shooting, editing, processing and printing a snap. The SQ10 is designed so that you can concentrate on the composition of your photo. The LCD monitor keeps displayed information to a minimum and the buttons and dial are in the bottom center area of the camera.

Dual shutter button

Most of the cameras we use have the shutter button on the right. The SQ10 has a dual shutter system with two shutter buttons - one on the right and one on the left. At last there's a camera for lefties! It provides a new perspective for righties too - try pressing the shutter with your left hand and capture the world from a different angle. There's far more to this change than simply adding a second button - this simple change is driving a new form of creativity.

Command Dial Buttons

Use the command dial to perform all operations from editing and processing to printing while looking at the monitor, so that your photos come out just the way you want them.

Unlimited Creativity

You can enjoy over 3,000 photography styles - just from three buttons and one dial. You can also change the settings whenever you want - before or after you take the photo.

Double Exposure

Combine two shots into a single print with double exposure mode.

Bulb Exposure Mode

Bulb exposure mode allows the shutter to remain open for up to 10 seconds capturing long exposure shots.

Print from a Micro SD Card

Insert a Micro SD card in the camera and save your photos to here. You can also insert a Micro SD card from another camera and print photos you took on that camera. And the internal memory holds around 50 images without a Micro SD card.

Rechargeable Battery

Unlike previous Instax cameras, the Square SQ10 gets is power from a rechargeable battery.


Film Format instax SQUARE type instant film
Film Format Still Images: JPEG
Lens Type 35 mm equivalent: 28.5mm
Lens Apertures f/2.4
Lens Aperture f/2.4
Focus 3.9 inch / 10 cm to infinity
Focus Auto: 3.938 (10.003 cm) to Infinity
Shutter Speed 1/2 to 1/29,500 sec in Auto mode
Up to 10 sec in Bulb mode
Shutter Speed 1/2 - 1/29500 Second in Auto Mode
10 - 0 Second in Bulb Mode
Flash Range 1.64 - 26.25 (0.5 - 8 m)
Flash 0.5-8 m (Range)
Battery Type 1 x NP-50 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
Battery Type NP-50 rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Dimensions 4.7 x 1.9 x 5.0 / 119.0 x 47.0 x 127.0 mm
Dimensions 119 x 47 x 127 mm
Weight 450 g

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Tech Code:BW289
Manufacturer Number:87100

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  • Prints on new larger square Instax film (2.4 x 2.4)
  • Hybrid design lets you preview and edit your image before you print
  • View your photos and change settings on the large 3 LCD screen
  • Select your photo and apply any of the 10 fun creative Filters
  • Save your images to the internal memory or micro SD card then share online